BTC 5/3 53K using Seller’s USA Escrow Attorney (MOQ 2,000 BTC)
October 21, 2023

53K BTC at a 5/3 US Attorney Escrow Notes: MOQ is 2,000 BTC Dean starts the buy side and he has already closed with the seller on previous business. Commissions: 1.5% sell side (closed) 1.5% Buy side (open) The Bitcoin…

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BTC 6/3 11K willing to accept buyer’s BTC escrow, Offering a Satoshi, MUST use a private wallet!
October 26, 2022

11K BTC at a 6/3 Escrow Procedures: Buyer must consent to place his USDT into a private wallet. NOT an exchange wallet SPA The Buyer will send $50-100 USDT directly to the Seller’s Wallet and the Seller will send back…

BTC 6/3 through an Australian Crypto Mining Conglomerate — 500K plus gets a 10/7 Discount
August 18, 2022

BTC 6/3 up to 500K & 10/7 over 500K Three Options for SOP Procedures Pick the procedures the buyer can accept without changes.  Ledger to Ledger Procedures: Buyer and seller sign the sales and purchase agreement. There will be a…

BTC 5/3 40K F2F at Chase Bank San Antonio, Texas — 50BTC minimum
July 7, 2022

BTC 5/3 with 40K available Procedures Zoom with buyer and seller directly Buyer signs Corporate Invoice F2F for transacting either inside Chase Bank San Antonio or at the mining facility Commission 1% open to the buy side There is one…

BTC 7/4 100K must be USDT payment
June 3, 2022

BTC 7/4 with 100K available Seller sends a unique SPA and transaction code for each buyer. Just need the signatory name and company. Happy to sign a NCNDA first. 6/3 at lower volumes Procedures Party A (holder) and Party B…

BTC 7/4 800 total coins with a flexible seller. MOQ 5BTC
May 11, 2022

Pending a Sale 800 BTC Discount 7/4 Seller has engaged our team and offered to let us sell them Willing to do F2F or other options based on the buyer’s preferred procedures No promise of a Satoshi but possible if…

BTC 6/4 UBS or HSBC F2F with live wallet link of 10K BTC
May 4, 2022

Seller is in Hong Kong 10,000 BTC Discount 6/4 Will do F2F Bank to Bank via UBS or HSBC Seller is willing to consider the buyers procedures if they have preferences. Wallet Address:

BTC 8/5 Fiat or USDT (AB Wallet Test) with Corporate Invoice from Well Known Company
April 24, 2022

Corporate Invoice. Fiat or USDT. AB wallet test. Then A single BTC. Both sides perform Forensics Then tranches. 8/5 10K plus. CI needs to be filled out by both sides. BMO Harris Bank in Chicago

BTC Swap for USDT 6/3 with $100 Satoshi
April 24, 2022

6/3 USDT swap for BTC Buyer sends $100 for BTC like a Satoshi 10K listed as available. Might be as much as 60K available This offer was sold Buyer failed Prefer to connect the seller and buyer Sunday night or…

BTC 12/7 500K with R/E Wells Fargo L2L (Live Wallet listed)
April 21, 2022

BTC 12/7 500K with R/E at Wells Fargo This lot is under contract Ledger to Ledger Procedures Step 1: Buyer shall instruct their Wells Fargo Bank to wire transfer the Seller the determined tranche dollar amount for the purchase of…

BTC for USDT 8/5 100K with R/E Liquidation Agreement
April 19, 2022

BTC for USDT 8/5 100K THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE Closing Procedures Party A (holder) and Party B (Liquidator) sign agreement. (Party B provide Proof of Fund and Party A provide wallet screen shot of BTC, minimum of 5000…

7/4 90K Truist Bank with IOLTA Escrow
April 19, 2022

BTC 7/4 90K No SPA, rather a Corporate Invoice per tranche This offer is on hold as they switch attorneys  Face to Face Procedures Step # 1 CIS from Buyer to Seller Mandate Step # 2 Mandate to mandate call…

9/6 500K with R/E F2F Dubai MOQ 500BTC
April 19, 2022

BTC 9/6 500K with R/E at Buyer’s Bank in Dubai Face to Face Procedures Buyer and Seller sign agreement — buyer provides a current account showing the ability to buy 100K BTC or more, seller provides a live-shot video of…