7/4 90K Truist Bank with IOLTA Escrow

BTC 7/4 90K

No SPA, rather a Corporate Invoice per tranche

This offer is on hold as they switch attorneys 

Face to Face Procedures

  • Step # 1 CIS from Buyer to Seller Mandate
  • Step # 2 Mandate to mandate call
  • Step # 3 Escrow agreement shared and signed by the buyer then seller
  • Step # 4 Corporate Invoice issued for each tranche


  • CIS will not go through a broker chain, but to the seller mandate directly.
  • Truist used to be SunTrust Bank.
  • This is a true IOLTA account and not a basic Escrow
  • IMFPA will be assembled by the mandates
  • This is a FIAT deal, not a USDT
  • There are two people between this website and the seller. No chain of brokers. Groups will be created and a chain of brokers will share a box within the commission structure. All these details about the commission can be negotiated. Nothing is “claimed” or “closed”
  • This seller mandate is very pleasant. This deal quickly becomes personal between the mandates then the principles.

Channel #7

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