BTC 12/7 500K with R/E Wells Fargo L2L (Live Wallet listed)

BTC 12/7 500K with R/E at Wells Fargo

This lot is under contract

BTC 12/7 500K with R/E Wells Fargo L2L (Live Wallet listed) Click to download the SPA

Ledger to Ledger Procedures

  • Step 1: Buyer shall instruct their Wells Fargo Bank to wire transfer the Seller the determined tranche dollar amount for the purchase of the Bitcoins in this contract. The Seller’s Wells Fargo Bank Officer will place an administrative hold on the transferred funds.
  • Step 2: After Seller and Banker agree funds have reached the Seller’s nominated account, the Seller will transfer the bitcoins to the Buyer’s Designated Wallet in this contract.
  • Step 3: After 6 confirmations are complete, this contract is complete and an email will be sent to the Buyer, the Banker and the Seller showing the posting of the Bitcoins for each tranche to the Buyer’s Wallet.
  • Step 4: Repeat until 500,000 bitcoins are purchased.


  • No requirement for Proof of Funds from the Buyer or Proof of Coins from the Seller. The first transaction will serve as a Satoshi.
  • The Buyer shall wire transfer its payment for the initial tranche of BTC no later than 24 hours after signing on the next Banking day.
  • Buyer, Buyer’s Banker and Tim Singleton will need to have discuss the transaction concerning the ledger movement, availability of funds, administrative hold and release after confirmation of bitcoin tranche.
  • This is one of the seller’s wallet with 40K coin

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