BTC for USDT 8/5 100K with R/E Liquidation Agreement

BTC for USDT 8/5 100K

BTC for USDT 8/5 100K with R/E Liquidation Agreement Click to download the SPA

Closing Procedures

  • Party A (holder) and Party B (Liquidator) sign agreement. (Party B provide Proof of Fund and Party A provide wallet screen shot of BTC, minimum of 5000 BTC).
  • Party A and Party B and escrow attorney sign escrow agreement.  Click here to download the Escrow Agreement
  • Party B deposits FIVE (5) million USD into the escrow attorney’s IOLTA account as a payment guarantee. Escrow attorney informs Party A.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation from the escrow attorney of the deposit, Party A shall promptly send the required units of BTC to Party B’s wallet equivalent to guarantee amount USD 5,000,000.00
  • Party B confirms BTC in his wallet address and simultaneously credit USDT to Party A designated USDT wallet
  • Party A pay service fee to Party B (5%) and service fee to consultants (3%) by BTC/FIAT
  • Next tranche continues until contract exhausted


  • This seller is ready to transact. We presented a Liquidation Agreement from one of our buyers, and they liked the document so much that they have adopted it as their own. So this is not a SPA, but a Liquidation Agreement. It has tax advantages.
  • The bank is CitiBank here in the United States. That might be the same bank managing the escrow account. Negotiable
  • The escrow account is only an insurance plan. The money sits there to enable the transfer of one coin for the other without fear. At the end of all the tranches the money goes back to the buyer.
  • There are two people between this website and the seller. No chain of brokers. Groups will be created and a chain of brokers will share a box within the commission structure. All these details about the commission can be negotiated. Nothing is “claimed” or “closed”

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