8/4 100K with R/E Wells Fargo — Need Seller Procedure Acceptance

BTC 8/4 Wells Fargo Bank

7/4 for smaller orders

SPA will be sent when the buyer agrees to these procedures

Escrow Purchase Procedures:

  1. Buyer reviews and indicates acceptance of procedures
  2. Buyer provides Sending Bank Account details and KYC of signatory including passport, company registration if applicable to Seller and formal AML document provided by seller
  3. Seller will provide an escrow agreement separate from the purchase.
  4. Buyer returns all documents signed and seller returns dual executed copies to Buyer
  5. Buyer transmits funds for first tranche to escrow or to Seller and sends copy of transfer slip.
  6. Seller executes Due Diligence on the sending account
  7. Upon funds received in escrow account, Seller transmits coins directly to Buyer’s wallet
  8. Funds are released from escrow once Buyer acknowledges receipt of coins and 6 blockchain confirmations
  9. Repeat Steps 5-9 to completion of the tranche schedule agreed to by both parties


  • Escrow agent is Henry Casden Attorney at Law
  • They want to be paid in USD (Fiat)
  • How to get this moving?
    • Buyer sends a LOI or some other document agreeing to the posted procedures above
    • Seller sends the necessary docs for the buyer to complete
    • Buyer fills out and sends back the SPA/KYC/AML
    • Then it picks up above at number 3

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  1. Victor Inkindi on June 15, 2022 at 10:33 am

    I have an interested party as well for this too. I tried to email you but your email isn’t working for some reason please look into that.Thanks.

    • admin on June 15, 2022 at 12:00 pm

      Email was fixed by our IT department this afternoon. Thanks for the heads up!

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