8/5 25K BTC r/e via Frick Bank in Liechtenstein payment via Euro

BTC 8/5 25K with R/E

8/5 Discount
Minimum Amount: 500 BTC
8/5 25K BTC r/e via Frick Bank in Liechtenstein payment via Euro Click to download the SPA


  1. Buyer signs and seals this contract giving their respective bank name for payment, account information with buyer CIS.
  2. Sellers signs this contract and returns to the buyer a seller CIS.
  3. The buyer will pay in Euros the price of the tranche BTC’s, calculated minus a eight percent (8%) discount (5% net for buyer and 3 % Buyer and Seller side facilitator’s fees).
  4. The fees are paid in bitcoin transfer.
  5. The buyer will do the payment in Euros for the tranche BTC’s by bank SWIFT MT103 TURBO/ TT transfer to the Seller’s bank account minus the agreed fee.
  6. The seller transfers the bitcoins, no longer than 15 min after the clearing of the MT103 transfer.
  7. The seller and the buyer repeat the transactions with accordance schedule up to 25,000.00 bitcoins (twenty-five thousand).


  • Both sides exchange a detailed CIS which will make the deal die or gain momentum. This is the most important part of the SOP.
  • Payment is sent via SWIFT  using an MT103 which provides a good sense of security to the buyer.
  • Seller uses Bank Frick at Landstrasse 14 Balzers, Liechtenstein https://www.bankfrick.li/de
  • For reasons I cannot explain the jurisdiction for any litigation would be the United Kingdom.


  • 1.5% sell side (closed)
  • 1.5% Buy side (open)
  • Bitcoin Report is connected to this opportunity through two people. I suspect they will team up and create a group for the purpose of commissions. My team is Patriot Health LLC and we have three people in our team which means we will stand as a single group. Depending on how many people are between you and the buyer mandate, we would recommend a third box which would include you. All this can be negotiated based on who needs to be paid.

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